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Cuba. (research)

an island country in the Caribbean. It consists of the island of Cuba, the Isla de la Juventud, and several archipelagos.
Havana is the largest city in Cuba and the country's capital. Santiago de Cuba is the second largest city.[8] Cuba is home to over 11 million people and is the most populous insular nation in the Caribbean. Its people, culture, and customs draw from diverse sources, including the aboriginal Taíno and Ciboney peoples; the period of Spanish colonialism; the introduction of African slaves; and its proximity to the United States.

The name "Cuba" comes from the Taíno language and though the exact meaning is unclear, it may be translated either as "where fertile land is abundant" (cubao),[9] or as "great place" (coabana).[10] Additionally, there is the claim that native inhabitants called the island "Cubagua" in the Columbus era starting in 1542

Idea - Cuba is about revolution, what if havana club was considered a revolution.

(cuban revolution, 1959)

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